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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Friday, July 31, 2009Y

sweet ^o^ 3:03 PM

This is one of my daily confinement dish, cod fish guo tiao!
My mum's creation.

My dear Tian delivered these from Pine Garden @ AMK to my house. There is a Lychee MArtini cake in the middle. But i ate it b4 i took this pix. =p

Thanks all who visited me @ my house and your little gifts.

Wait for me to organize little gluttony outing!

sweet ^o^ 1:18 PM

Friday, July 24, 2009Y

Took a personality Test...
Your Existing Situation
Needs excitement and constant stimulation. Willingly participates in activities that are thrilling and offer adventure.
Your Stress Sources
"Not a team player and is unwilling to be involved in most activities. In the past she was over involved and now emotionally drained. Due to her fear of over involvement, she now chooses to remain uninvolved with the activities around her. "
Your Restrained Characteristics
Giving more than she is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels she is being forced into compromising and even her close relationships leave her feeling emotional distant.
Is bothered when her needs and desires are misunderstood and she feels there is no one to turn to or rely on. her self-centered attitude can cause her to be easily offended.
Your Desired Objective
"Has a strong desire to contribute and influence others, but it can make her restless. she is driven by her desires and hopes. Enjoys a wide range of activities, but she may spread herself to thin taking on too much."

Your Actual Problem
"Fears she will be held back from achieving things she really wants, leading her to search endlessly for satisfaction and become involved in activities which are pointless."

sweet ^o^ 10:24 PM

Saturday, July 18, 2009Y

Alrighty! Thou its already old news, but let me do a recap of the birth of my Ah Boy.
I reached TMC on 09.07.09 with mummy and Ah Meng by 05.30AM.

We 'checked in' to my bedroom where i will spend the next few days confined on it.
Then I was prepared for the operation...

Lying on the operation bed, my Anesthesia Doc Tay convinced me to do a Epidural instead of GA.

It was a struggle... but eventually with of course Ah Meng support i took up epidural.

I had to curl up tightly so that the Anesthesia Doc could inject it to my back. With my big tummy, having to even bend my leg is a difficulty, but the nurse did assist to help me.

I told Doc not to tell me what he is going to do but JUST Do it!
It WAS REALLY an awful experience.

After that was Showtime for MY Gynae Doc A L Lim , he was busy cutting me apart.

He tried extracting baby out, but he had to cut me a little wider as baby refuse to come out! Ah Meng said he actually saw my intestine! Gross!

Doc Tay help to push baby out from my stomach while Doc Lim catch him thru the cut.

Here it is. But my dear gynae was still holding onto a pair of scissor wor... Soon after, Doc Tay was happily helping us take photos while float on the bed semi-consciously while Doc Lim stich me up. The 'sewing' was slower then the cutting part...
Baby Elgin weighs 3.275KG and 49cm long born 09.07.09 @ 8.36am!

AFter 3 nights in TMC confined on this bed, i say bye-bye to it on 12.07.09 afternoon and brought gin-gin home!

Today, > a week after birth of Elgin, i feel stronger now. Initially, i feel breatheless and giddy constantly. Mum said i look like piece of sheet. I was literally floating around at home. Even my bro barely tolerate me. haha

Anyhow, i went back to Doc Lim for check-up, he said i walk too much and need more rest and fish. I also had remove my stiches. Saying its a cut was an understatement. It was almost 20cm long! Holy Shit! Thats one bloody long cut of my life!!

Anyway to sum up these 10months of pregnancy and half-way confinement, i was depressed frequently. Due to the pain, the discomfort, the inconvenient!

I'm proud i pull thru.
Here i am, with an ADORABLE son!

sweet ^o^ 8:07 PM

Tuesday, July 7, 2009Y

Present to you my sister-in-law as @ 6th July 2009, 12.30pm.

sweet ^o^ 11:39 AM

Wednesday, July 1, 2009Y

Hi hi, Today is the 2nd day of my maternity leave...

Spend my 1st day shopping at Jurong point with Sis and Mum. =)

Even thou, I do not need to work, i still wake up early in the morning.
Thou shalt not indulge too much Zzzz. Thou Shalt maintain a healthy sleeping hours. =)

BTW, i officially book my delivery date on 09.07.09, 8am
(That means i have to reach hospital by 6am). Same birthdate as my younger niece. haha...

However, my gynae said the oxygen is getting lesser for the baby, i have to visit him this sat to confirm if baby can wait until 9th, otherwise it will be earlier than 9th.

FINALLY, one week more.... happy happy happy...
Oh, Look! Current state of my feet.
One Word to describe
Last week was fire drill week for Comcentre.
This bell was right behind me and i was sitting at my cubicle when i took this shot.
You can imagine how irritating and loud the "Rrrrgggggg" was.
It rang continuously for a really freaking long time before our DEar Susie climb up trying to tone down the noise.
I volunteered my cardigan and so it was wrap around the bell. IT really did tone down the volume....

Father's DAy with Ah Meng family at 店小二, one big chinese feast.
One free Cod fish dish that they accidentally serve to us. Being Singaporean, we of course finish it without confessing to the restaurant and also ensure its not charge to our bill too. =p

sweet ^o^ 10:08 AM