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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Thursday, September 27, 2007Y

Lost my sleep yesterday.
Bro told me that mum is not very happy with MQ living with us.
She initially said she ok de and I tot tat settle everything.
Now I’m back to square one. I’m totally lost to what should I do.

It would have been better if MQ has a place to stay, but the reason with him staying with us is he DO NOT have a proper place to sleep.
His father is living with one uncle and mum/sis living with another.
MQ can of course stay with one of the uncle but then it will be sleeping at the door step of the living room.
How pathetic is this lo, at least I have a room for him.

So anyway the 1st ‘idea’ that came to my mind was to rent a room so that we will not be an ‘eye-sore’ at home.
I ask MQ about this, he said “we can do whatever we want but we still have to answer to our parents(read: MY parents), plus we do not have any status, how will others think. (read: how my parents think).”
Honestly, I don care how others think. But then if they concern our parents then …. ….
But I have already told him that so long as I do not find a job that im stable in and clear off our debts, than there is no way im getting ROM.
Alright, now is not MQ don wan, is I refuse to get ROM.
And getting married for a house to stay is not right too...

I mean I notice he is not VERY happy living in my house too, its not his home.
But we still have to make do with what we have.
But being practical, renting a room will only be a burden to us financially.
It will also delay our debts clearance. Plus my parents will not allow.
Its not a very brilliant solution but still…
What can I do???

AND, the issue of his parents.
If we ever get a house, I can foresee we be living together.
Which I really really don wan.
Its not I don like his family, jus tat I do not accept the way they… behave? Talk? Communicate?...
I know I have to talk to my mum about this.
But then the problem will still be there.
I may pacify her now, but few months later, it will be like now again.
Then im back to square one.
I need a solution to solve this permanently.

Can someone tell me what to do???!!!

sweet ^o^ 11:54 AM

Wednesday, September 26, 2007Y

Woohoo… I just realized I have a balance of 17 days leave.
HR will encash me all these leaves, so I will have extra cash! =)
But I will take 2 days in October. Tian has already ok me for one day, Qianlin another if she can.
Not too bad after all!!!

Why I din get MQ to accompany me??? Cause he has a new batch of men coming in already.
Plus he is selected for an air bourne course, which will last for a month, starting today. =(
So I be very free for the coming 20 over days!!!
That tian say I got no backbone, no MQ will die.
Still can’t figure out what has missing him when he is away got to do with backbone…??? Duh…

Oh I suddenly remember a lame incident.
We were celebrating Simon’s birthday (dunno which yr) at east coast park.
It was also mid-autumn festival.
So while Sam and KC were trying to sparks all the sparkers simultaneously.
Me and QY was inspired by the full moon and crap some nonsense about chang-e and hou-yi .
The story we cooked up was something like actually hou-yi did not want to arrow the suns down.
He was furious with chang-e for eating his ‘xian dan’, so he is shooting chang-e instead.
But because he cannot aim properly, he shot the suns down accidentally instead.
There were more to these, but this is the gist of our story.
**QY remember??!!!**

sweet ^o^ 12:06 PM

Monday, September 24, 2007Y

Ooh. My team organizes a sandwich lunch today. Everyone contribute an item, I bought ham, and there are curry potato, egg mayo, salad, tuna and cocktail. Very satiated right now (pat on the tummy =p).

Today is XP’s birthday. Sad to say, I ‘gave up’ on her some years back.
I think I blog about some thing like ‘giving up’ on friends.
Today, I message her happy birthday, as usual she din acknowledge the message.
Well, she is not a bad friend, just that she is the way she is ‘bei dong’.
(I suddenly cant remember the English word for ‘bei dong’).
The last time I message her was when am still in MBB, and then I just stop.
Was msn-ing eddie and we were talking about time management.
Its like b4 I got attached, I balance my life among family, friends and of course, time for myself.
So I don expect my friends to be available when I ask them out.
But I appreciate if they can re-arrange THEIR time, so they can slot me in, even for coffee, I be happy.

So towards XP or even ‘friends’ like XM, DL, S, these are friends that I no longer contact.
But WERE my close friends ONCE.
They are nice pple like I said, but then sometimes I feel like there’s no more I can give.
That’s when I cut myself off from them.
Sad to say, perhaps it din make any difference to them.
Im not mocking myself, sometimes some friends are best to stay in the past.
Perhaps I am one to them.

I treat my friendship like my love life.
Any relation between 2 person needs both side to nurture, I saw not the need to continue in a relation when I see a dead end.
I’m not being practical, just realistic. (yah, I know it’s a fine line betw this two)
Why would I want to stuff my face up some one else cold arse???
Why would I want to get upset when they don’t even realize what they have done?


back to work!!

sweet ^o^ 4:04 PM

Friday, September 21, 2007Y

Its friday!! I realize while other blogs has many photos while mine are just words...hmmm..

Anyway, my leader let slip to my partner (the aunt that i really don like) that i have tendered.
That aunty immediately told another colle who confront me just now!!
This is why i refuse to tell her even when my other colle said i should.
Im trying to avoid pple coming up to me to interrogate where am going and so for.
I wanted to find an oppt to scold her but eddie say i should cool off since im leaving.
well hell! fine!!! pui~

Im goin to MQ's bro n sis-in-law home for dinner.
Real reluctant to go, i prefer goin home to prepare for tian's bd.
(evil laughter)

BTW, its our 1st anniversary tml lei!!!
Time really zoom pass me...
and no, i did no prepare anything for our anniversary.

sweet ^o^ 5:24 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007Y

Yucks! I received this e-mail from my sister.
This is really speechless. Wats up with them man!!!
Rats, horses, internal organs... now foetus!!!
Maybe they can try shit since they have already drank urine.
They maybe dead, but if u took the trouble to conceive them, why don they let them be buried with dignity.
Well hell!! They are foetus but still they are your genes!!!
I cant imagine wat nutrients all these can bring?
Its dehumanization!!!! Cannibalization!!!

sweet ^o^ 12:06 PM

A little tidbits for KC & QY:

s m o N says:
~".敏> says:
keching got msg u abt your bd pressie?
s m o N says:
she say she transfer me money to buy lor..
s m o N says:
but i was busy
s m o N says:
she was busy
s m o N says:
still din further discuss
~".敏> says:
u msg me your acc no, we transfer to u sponsor your PS2
s m o N says:
s m o N says:
~".敏> says:
~".敏> says:
~".敏> says:
tats fast.
s m o N says:
~".敏> says:
ok. i msg them.
~".敏> says:
how much is your PS2?
s m o N says:
i planning to buy a second hand one
s m o N says:
200 plus should be able to get ba
~".敏> says:
ok. sponsor PS2 arh, cannot buy others arh!!! hahahhaa
~".敏> says:
buy liao take photo MMS us.
s m o N says:
s m o N says:
k la k la
s m o N says:
~".敏> says:
na na na bu bu

sweet ^o^ 10:33 AM

Tuesday, September 18, 2007Y

I am practically twiddling my thumbs by my desk, obviously doing nothing at all.
This is terrible! I am bored stiff.
Save me! Save me!!
((pulling hair))

sweet ^o^ 4:22 PM

Monday, September 17, 2007Y

Its Monday, hmmm… not much of a blue, but in a pretty good mood.
Except for a stiff neck in the morning, think I slept too long on MQ’s arm…

We went Chinatown look c look c on Friday night.
By the time we reach, some stores had already closed, its still crowded thou.
Overall, there is not much to look at. Really!!! But can drop by the Tooth Relic temple to take a look.
The temple is really grand and GOLD, as in pure gold.
This certain floor has a security guard to protect the tooth relic.
This certain floor displays statues and the story to nirvana.

Then we went Chinese garden on sat night.
There are no photos, since I don have a camera and its too glaring for my hp to shoot any pictures.
**MAyb can I have a digital camera for my bd???**
I am really weak lo, I climbed the seven storey tower and I almost die on the way up.
The theme is magical underwater (if I remember correctly),
so there are lot of fishy n turtles n some funny looking unidentified thingy.
Since we are smart people, we park our car at the opposite HDB car park,
the car parks are full and the Q is super duper long.
Its faster if u walk to Chinese garden then joining the car Q.
On our way out, MQ ask me:”

Bought DURIAN and ice-cream mooncakes at Jurong point. Woohoo~

sweet ^o^ 2:51 PM

Friday, September 14, 2007Y

I simply has been serving net, staring into space for the whole of this week.
My colles told me it’s the same as last week.
Borin.. Boring… BORing…

This is cute.

sweet ^o^ 4:36 PM

Thursday, September 13, 2007Y

Since I have nothing better to do this week, I actually spend my time looking for new blog skin.
Alas, this is really nice, don cha think so?!!!

Alright, I think lady luck has finally shine on me, and my prayers have been heard.
I hope its not a short term thing. I wish my new place in singtel will be permanent and not another pitstop.

So, time to party!!!!

sweet ^o^ 4:18 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2007Y

wOOhOO!! I receive letter from MDIS, I have got a 2nd class lower honour afterall.

sweet ^o^ 10:56 AM

Tuesday, September 11, 2007Y

Can i have either one for my BD?
Im not into branded stuff, but i really think this range is nice..

I have got nothing to do, so here I am.
Deleted a previous post cos of some reason tat I can only tell personally.

My DM wants me to reconsider resigning; she has yet to submit my letter to management and gave me a night to consider. There is really no need to since I have already made up my mind. I’m so happy to finally be able to leave this place. Simply unable to contain my happiness, its threatening to explode. Fuck if DM will be unhappy and make my life hell for the next few months. If I can tolerate her for more than a yr, what is these last 2 months be. Hell it may b, but am going to glide through everyday as if I am happy with my job.

If u remember from my previous post, I was bitching about a group of colles. They who are always complaining about SIF, comparing how good outside is. Maybe I should walk up to them and say “Look, I’m leaving! When is your turn?!” I may get the dirty look from them, but it will definitely feel DAMN good.

Bought a pair of tickets for Dad and Mum to watch 881 at Jurong Point coz mum wants to see. Mum said dad was sniffing when the show ends. @.@”” I heard it’s a confirm will cry show anyway.

I have frequently dream of fainting and I just check from the internet that it’s a sign that I am unable to cope / face with events. Amazing how dreams and reality are inter-related.

I have this huge philosophy about infidelity.
Alright. I actually wrote a long piece of crap but decided against it.
So in short, my heart goes out to the victims of infidelity and those that are indirectly involved. E.g. Parents, kids, siblings, friends etc. Its sad seeing them self-tormenting or depress about this.
For those bitch and basket who intrude into a relation, no reason can excuse what u have done! I shall not curse your future or whatever, but then god will do justice.

sweet ^o^ 10:30 AM

Monday, September 10, 2007Y

Alright much and not too much had happen during my absence.

Of course remove my wisdom tooth. The operation went ok, not as painful as the first time. But then I almost !@#$%^&* then and there when the dentist start drilling on the tooth. The after effect also hurts like hell, but then maybe I’m prepared for the pain, so its still bearable.
Plus MQ is there to comfort, so at least I can bite him… well I cant open my mouth, so pinch him is enough.

I spend all my time with MQ. He is the last person I c before I slept and the 1st I c when I open my eyes. Eewwww..

***BIG NEWS***
My singtel interview went thru.
Interview on Monday, call me on tues, sign letter on thurs!!!
So when I come to office today, I FINALLY be able to print my dusted (as if soft copy will be dusted) resignation letter.
Hooray for me! Well, the pay is not what I expected, but at least it finally hit the 2 mark and I am finally going to leave this place. PLUS they are ok to wait for me for 2mths althou they wish i can go earlier if able to. I shall urge everyone to go pray religiously and sincerely to loyang Ta Buo Gong. It may be a coincident, but thank god, after so long so long, its finally time to leave this place.
I expect SIF will make my life difficult in these 2 months of my notice period. I feel more excited of having to leave SIF than entering Singtel.

Oops. I will be a credit executive. In charge of corporate acc, role is similar to that of a collection. WAhaaa… I can sharpen my tongue!

Wave to KC & QY!! I DID IT!!
It calls for a celebration…cheerios!!

sweet ^o^ 12:53 PM