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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Tuesday, February 19, 2008Y

Just see mq out the front door, he will be away to tekong for the next few days (until sat) night. So, i will have the next few says to myself. HE kept asking me whether i will be meeting my friends like hilda and geraldine or why didin i arrange to meet them... so i said, i need some time for myself to do something or nothing at all. I must have been one typical girl trying to juggle work, family, hubby (soon-to-be) and myself. Seems a lot neh~

What have i done in CNY and V day??
So i ate reunion dinner at home (mq at his place), night time went his uncle's place.
So on the 1st day, some unexpected (relatively unwelcome) visitors arrived. Was shock to my toe that day actually came. Of course, they devour one can of abalone before they scram. Then wait for my bro-in-laws and bro andmum to wrap up their majong session so that we can go ah ma house to visit. then of course mq's side too.
Literally spend the few nights at ms place drinking/chatting and etc...
On sunday, mq was on duty, arrange to meet tian and wee to visit each other house. (YES,EDDIE!! i remember u flew my kite that day!) Played majong for the 1st time. Darm rookie!! But surprisingly interesting. Yes, yes. I pickin it up. KC & QY, wait for me to master then you will have one more kaki!!! hahahaa...

As for V day, i spent it working till slightly after 8 pm. I almost fell flat on my face right at the entrance of comcentre. Good thing was, everyone left at 6pm sharp to celebrate vday, so it was desserted. Bad thing was, i sprain my ankle, not badly thou, was wearing wedges that day. It was quite painful, mq had help to rub the soreness away.

Update on my wedding, we will have to wait until apr or may for HDB to release flats available in juro west. We went ikea (tampines and queenstown) and spent a long time there. Was jokingly telling MQ that i'm not very keen to get married, he was like "HUH! SErious! Why??!!!"... i guess something are better left unsaid...
So i guess sept is afterall cfm. Next stop will be bridal shopS. Hope i will not turn out to be some bridezillia.

Recently, giving up on this crosses my mind. But i know that, whatever it is, my hubby-to-be is trying very hard also. Sometimes, his workm takes too much of his energy, and whatever is left have to be EQUALLY shard among family and me. Sometimes i may not feel happy or downright upset but then being reasonable and logically understanding it still will not equal to be emotionally happy... Never mind... unless u are in the exact state that am in, u will NEVER entirely understand how i feels. Talking about it, or the mere tots of it makes me sick. So it may appear tat i may not be very enthu abt my own wedding, but then.... its too much of a work and the headaches that rides on it....

Work IS really stressful. The meetings and work, thinking about it makes me want to puke. Have to atten a Citibank mthly meeting, my boss say i have to fly solo tml. Hope citibank will not swallow me whole and spit me out to dry. Scary! Can you all imagine me chairing a meeting with big company like citibank?!!! Pray for me!
MY colle keeping jesting maybe it some rounding errors. bloody shit!

Went loyang to pray again b4 we went ikea... same old wishes same old prayers... stil the same old me, am i blind or did it not hear my cries~

sweet ^o^ 9:59 PM

Saturday, February 9, 2008Y

sweet ^o^ 3:46 PM

Wednesday, February 6, 2008Y

There is this thing going on about edison's scandal, saw the pics. I was like, why did they have to shot it in the 1st place sia~ but then i believe with the advance tech now, it could have been fake after all. Imagine how devastated the female celeb are... What is so nice about edison?? i do not see any good qualities in him lei~ anyway, none of my biz!

Happy Chinese NEw YEar~

ITs official working half day today, reach home & 1.30pm, slept until 3pm. I portfolio seems to be doing fairly well, saw the statistics yesterday, hmmm... i hope i hit my target afterall, shall wait until the report comes out.

I have so many tots in my head for the past few weeks that i cannot pen it down here...
Apparently this bride-to-be bloggin here is not very happy with her wedding, not the idea but rather what it signifies...

Met hilda last week for dinner, the very 1st thing she said to me was "do you have something to say?! you like have a lot of thing on your mind...". I almost drop to the floor... It is very ironic when someone who do not see me often can see so clearly then someone i have slept beside everynight.

From the start, getting married is a practical arrangement. Something im doin for the benefit of MQ. However reluctant i am getting married now, it has to be done. No question ask. So, i only wanted a proper, small scale wedding with my family and close friends partcipating. ITs not too much to ask, is it???

Why have i never get what i want???
I realized my recent blogs are unhappy blogs, must have lost my sense of humour~

No matter, how much i want to say, i guess my wedding has been unofficially delayed till... i dunno... when god remembers to shine on me.

sweet ^o^ 4:48 PM