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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Tuesday, May 29, 2007Y

my langkawi trip is put on hold, cos the hotel i choose is fully booked and im not willin to top up addition $$. I tink its the prices are way too high compared to off-peak season. But wat can i do, MQ is only allowed this period off. Darn! y does he has to be a regular. shit!
anyway im waiting for sam to come back from his trip (JAPAN) and see whether he can get a better deal for me... (bobi bobi).
I have a colle who jus tender her resignation letter this morning and another leaving today...
when me huh???

sweet ^o^ 4:51 PM

Monday, May 28, 2007Y

Its Monday. Stiff neck AGAIN! I wish for a shoulder rub but darling is outfield AGAIN!
Drag coming to work. Reach a state that there’s simply Zero purpose coming to work.

Anyway finally book a trip to Langkawi for TWO nights. Cos of the peak season and last minute booking, the $$ is higher. I should have book from Sam, got serve by some rookies and unpro agents. Haiz…

18days to my long break…
lookin forward to it.

sweet ^o^ 5:42 PM

Friday, May 25, 2007Y

For Taurus: This is not a bad alliance as you both have the same interests where money, possessions and security are concerned. The biggest drawback is the old 'all work and no play' syndrome.
For Capricorn: You both have the same regard for quality and money. This is almost a match made in heaven. Sexually adequate and certainly a long lasting alliance.
They share the same goals and like the same type friends. They are both fond of security and money. Capricorn makes Taurus feel secure and Taurus likes Capricorn sense of humor. They will do well over the long haul. Taurus admires Capricorn抯 strength of purpose, and Capricorn is delighted with Taurus affectionate stability. Taurus can give encouragement and responsiveness Capricorn needs. Both are earthy and passionate. Capricorn is loyal and Taurus is devoted. Both value money, security, and are home lovers. A strong union.

Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman
This is tied with Scorpio as your number-one soulmate match. You can find true love and happiness with the Taurus boy. He is a down-to-earth guy who you will really feel you can talk to and confide in. He is also very intense and passionate, and he will bring out the hidden romantic side in you. You both share the qualities of being strong-willed and eager for success in life, and you will help each other to keep your focus on winning and achieve your most important goals. He will focus his powerful personality and romantic attention on you, and make you feel loved and treasured in a very special way. A perfect soulmate match.
Capricorn girl and Taurus boy are both Earth signs, and as such, you've got common ground. You have a mutual respect and understanding of what's important in life, and value quality in all forms, from the kind of clothes you like to the kind of classes you want to take. It's so nice to be understood!

Contributed by tian.

sweet ^o^ 9:30 AM

Thursday, May 24, 2007Y

In a bad mood now. Honestly can’t stand when one say one thing, in the end I have to do redundant work? Worst is involving customer. I always feel that internal affair should keep it INTERNALLY and do not involve external parties. This is good customer service, in my book.
I dunno was it me or what. But I really hate this place. Totally loathe it…The boss, some pple and the management = ‘The Culture’
Sux big time.
For once, I simply have no idea where to go for my holiday and I very leong. Do not seem right to get mq to pay for my share too. But it’s the 1st time that I have such a long break to myself instead for exams or wateva. Where to go? Where to go? A lot of places comes to my mind, but then again... cant decide where to shove my ass to... *Am i going to end up in Sentosa or Chevron?* Shall C then~

sweet ^o^ 12:22 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007Y

Its like 4.30pm now, im already sleepy. Cracking brain for a lame report, its making me puke. Haiz… No matter how, tat bitch will still re-do our work and mould it her way. Wat the heck!

Haiz, it din went well yesterday. Apparently im never lucky looking for job, was it really me or am I really unlucky. But I tot it went fairly well for one of them..mmm.. anyhow…

Looking forward to my block leave next mth, we have not decide where to go. Probably hibernate from 1st day of leave to the last day. Good idea!! hahaha

sweet ^o^ 4:50 PM

Friday, May 18, 2007Y

What I wan to say is, no one told me its goin to be easy having a relation with a regular, esp if he is a commander that needs to camp in most of the days.
I use to joke abt dating a regular in MBB because they seems to earn a lot…
Well then… careful of wat ‘u’ wish for then…
Its not a matter of being reasonable and understanding, sometimes being all these do not make my day…
And to think im a very practical girl, it apparently does not help also.
I miss those times when he will be waiting at home for me to eat dinner…
Pray hard he kena post to another relac place…muahahhaaa….

sweet ^o^ 11:53 AM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007Y

Wah. Relaxing day. Met weewee and tian @ JP for MOS burger. They are as usual late, meet them @ 11am but they show up @ 11.45am. Haiz… Yep! They are my kuku frens.
Aft that met KC at Chinatown for Dim Sum buffert, her treat, coz she is late too! Yep! She is another of my kuku fren. Come to tink of it, majority of my frens are kuku~ hahah..
Anyway, purpose of this post is to target KC!! See this picture! How can a young fine lady has such a dirty car, (wanted to post more of her dirty (read DIRTY) car pictures, but then… sekali she don let me sit her car in the future). Im probably too use to MQ’s clean and sparkling car, tats y im so shock to see KC’s car. OMG! And im not goin to wash your car in exchange for the sentosa card. Pui~ I don even wash quan’s car!

sweet ^o^ 8:54 PM

Im testing whether i can publish picture onto my blog or not!
Anyway this is how my piglet will end up b4 i sleep. (MQ way of acting cute!)
I believe I step on poo poo today during lunch break. Pick up some lousy calls in the afternoon. Trying to calm these customers before they do permanent damage to my pathetic ears. Stupid issues again, I’m not going to get technical here. But then I think I’m really knowledgeable with HP. Hahahaaaa… After these, had a dispute with my finance and deposit dept, everyone tries to pull their Taiji quan again. Got pek chek, grab my bag and left office on the dot. Unprofessional people = Inefficient Company Be on leave tomorrow, breakfast with tian & weewee, lunch with KC. Woohoo~ Too bad MQ has an outfield trip tml. Na na na bu bu~ Talks about getting engage had been triggered by my mother. Apparently, she hopes we can get engage 1st b4 living together (obviously I din smoke thru this issue, darn). Mq has no qualms abt us getting ROM now, in fact he will happily tie me up and register even b4 I finish saying “yes”. But then since I don wan to do it NOW or at least until I find a more sustainable job, he is cool abt it too… muahhaa So tian, you will have to wait for some time to b my sisters le…

sweet ^o^ 12:15 AM

Friday, May 11, 2007Y

Thanks to QY, this adorable Blog is set up. Trying to master the Act of HTML, think I owe QY a meal AGAIN.
Good thing I studied Business instead of IT, if not I think I will die young.

Stayed in office doing nothing while on stand by last night, watch half of 200 pounds, its funny and the girl looks like the blogger Dawn.
Wait till 9++pm then call us to go home. WTF!! Waste our time! Heng can claim cab fare.

sweet ^o^ 5:19 PM

Thursday, May 10, 2007Y

Its MQ’s birthday yesterday. Bought him a darn cool DKNY watch (the person gave me %, must be due to my sweet look, muahahaaa!!).

Went dinner with his entire family, from parents to uncles and aunties.

Kev ask me what to buy for him, I suggest shoe. Even told him shoe size, but how I know its
UK or US size. Duh~ anyway, got myself a steamboat treat from him for helping him with this favor! Yippee!! (but then bro, its difficult to find a 24hr budget steamboat lei~)

I discovered I have 17 days of leave to clear by Dec, MQ can only take leave in June and we have no idea where and no $ to go. Boo~

It’s a quiet and slow week in office. Ah Lum went Spainwith his gf (joke abt “make in
Spain”) for more than 2 weeks (envy), no one to lame with me during lunch (sad).
I’m reaching my max tolerance for my boss, don even wan to talk to her, much less see her. How I wish I can spit on her!!! Hahhaa…

Praying for my transcript to arrive soon (almost 6mths), its been so long already, why the hell are they taking their own sweet time!!! Deciding on my next career move again, collection seems to be a good choice… I might be towing people’s car next time you see me. Haha … Wanted to leave B&F, but then I will have to start from scratch. Meaning “My pay will drop to a meager wage~” How to survive?!! ((shake head))

MQ always say I very practical, but how not to when u have all these burdens… do I have a choice.

Was kopi-ing with tian last night, we conclude that everyone is slaving for $$.
Pay-day, Pay-day. Its pay bills day!

I remember distinctively that I was paid lesser when I graduate from TP, but then I still have the disposable to pay all my bills, shopping and weekly clubbing. But now, I simply have no life and im even more leong than then. Why like that?!! I’m already worrying about how to pay all the bills, insurance, expenses, etc… and how to survive with the leftover until my pay day… and the cycle starts again. How I wish I can go back to those times that, all I worry about is scoring Ace for my exams and where to happy after class.

Daddy’s biz went bust, tension in my house is high. Good thing we are all grown up, can survive on our own. But then, more worried about him thou, he seems stun and lost. He says he wants to take a break but more like he has not decided with the What and How. I guess no one can take it being financially insecure and sudden change of event in your habitual lifestyle. What with his HBP and diabetes (medicine are really expensive), not like he has CPF to fall back on ((Headache)). I think our government is really smart.

Read this article in XX magazine, this editor assumes she can handle stress well enough until she flips one fine day…

I always tell myself, “I can do it”. But sometimes all is just under duress, waiting for the opportunity to catch me unaware.

Seems like im mumbling here, trying to gather my thoughts, a lot of been going through my mind lately. Simply have no idea what to do and not knowing what to do is not very me at all…
May 03, 2007

Its Wednesday, bit tired and depress with work again. What else, duh~~

Had my appraisal with my boss on Monday, it totally ruins my week. I have never doubt my capabilities when it comes to my professionalism, but what she said is a blow to my ego. The only thought that occupies my mind throughout that hour with her was, "What the fuck, I'm wasting my bloody time here". Apparently, the few of us who went in already were not satisfied or in fact downright disturbed by the appraisal.

Oh, btw, my company's new system has finally started to run, albeit in a very slow progress. It's not as bad as I think but some getting use to.

Went St James last Thursday with Quan, Kev, Tian & DHL (tian & dhl is a very mushy couple btw ~.~"), I conclude it’s a better place than MOS. The live band is good! The 5 of us manage to finish a bottle of Hennessey (my favorite). That Quan slept like a log aft we reach home, "Believe it or not darling, You Snore!!"

PS: Eddie, I haven got the chance to drink with you that day, rain check arh!
April 10, 2007
It’s Wednesday. The parallel run is yet to run; my company has been delaying it from like since January? What a shame. I thought when a company announces a targeted date; they should have like commence it then? It is late March now.

They expect us to be on call, for this period of time, just in case they say “Now!”

Poor staffs like us will have to put off our appointments, plans or trips for this ultra unreliable system, which the company insist on launching and had already, spent million dollars on it!! ((Roll eyes))

Considering my next career move, seems to be losing interest in B & F. Low tolerant towards their rigid structure, always got to “cover backside” and all the arrows flying around. Reminds me of the movie “Just follow Law”, Fann Wong really outdone herself in this movie. Geek~~
Rumored that Govt sector and stat boards have reviewed the staffs’ salary.
Hmmm… **Blink Blink**

Still waiting for my transcript… ((Pull Hair))

Have the chance to meet up some MBB colleagues last Friday, (Darling new posting do not allow him to come out every night, so I’m like super free!!) so nice to have someone to talk freely without reserve unlike here… The Politics & Backstabbing is like an ongoing affair. Scary!!

Want to buy the Samsung new phone Z720, very stylish and pretty!! Excited, shall go buy next week, Darling is sponsoring for my phone. So happy!!
March 20, 2007

A year since I left MBB, how I still miss my ex-colleagues, my partner Joey…
Seems like yesterday that I joined this Finance Company but it’s a terrifying long 8mths.
Besides having a bitch as my superior, Complains, ugly customers & temperamental colleagues, this is my life as a working OL.

… How interesting… Boohoo…

Reports have show that B & F are the highest paying industry among others. But Why, Oh Why am I stuck in this low range. I may have max out my salary for my rank, but still… Is the grass always greener? Should I look upon $ as my motivating factor? Maybe, maybe not.
But this is how I distribute my push factors:

80% to my superior
10% to management
7% to environment
3% to work

Do not assume a public listed company is better off, I would say after joining this company.
Better start distributing my resume out and hope I strike Toto on 2 March!! Hahahaa!!
((Pray Hard))

I’m going to relate an incident that totally ruin my weekend.
Brought my niece to NTUC with my darling to run some errands. Its goes like this from my bird’s eye view…
Was holding my niece when I saw this pretty girl walking towards us from the other end. Took me few seconds to recognize that she was my schoolmate (we have not met up for more than 1 yr, or was it 2?) and by the time I react, she has walk pass me. I am sure she saw me since we made eye contact.

Then why am I so upset about?
We use to be close buddies for more than 15 yrs, why it ends like this, I’m not sure too.
We must have lost our contacts along the way. I guess what my other friend said is true…
“You can’t have everyone contributing the same effort into a relationship as the other.”
But next time I see her, I will walk up to her and say ‘Hi’ for a peace of my mind.

OOops!! BTW Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope all of you have a wonderful time, since I can’t celebrate or go visiting, with my grandfather’s funeral…
I must say I have a dramatic family. Shame on those who made a scene during those few days. Why must people compete for those trivial matters when more importantly it’s the last opportunity to spend time with him? Why only regrets when that person has passed away, leaving you with no chance to tell him that you love him? What is the point of crying when you do not even fulfill your duty as son or daughter when he is alive?

My mum said, since we have come to this point, its time to let go and give him our wishes that he will be happy where ever he will be.
My wishes to Ah gong…
February 27, 2007

As usual I’m writing this blog in office. Had 2 customers slam my phone since I start work this morning and its only 11am!! What is the matter with Singaporeans now!! We are supposed to be highly educated professional, who supposedly should have certain degree of class and manners or at least basic courtesy…

Apparently, this is so WRONG! Just because we earn more, degree holders are littered all around the town, we stuck our nose high up to the air and disregard those that we think are not on par with us!

Get real folks!! We work for a living, some of us are not fed with a silver platter. Please show some respect and courtesy next time when a service personal could not deliver up to your expectation, feel free to complain to the management, (not like it will be much help). As much as we like to help, we are sandwich betw customer and management. And LIKE YOU we have parents, pls do not curse and swear like we are born out of shit!!
It badly reflects on u not us!! So what if u earn $30k a mth, drives a lambor, album of credit cards!!

I think our government should do some self reflection also. If they have not make us so stressful and living in Singaporeso expensive, some of the morons roaming in town would not have even exists! So wat if the country look beautiful on the outside when the pple have no class and basic manners!!! I tink our government looks too much on the $$ matters that they have forgot the basic human instincts. (im not bias bcoz of how they raid my dad biz). Mayb they need to use more right brain then left..
December 05, 2006

((CS: we know each other in Poly yr 3 .. project mates .. a petite but very fierce lady when she flares up. One who is currently lost on her directions .. in many areas .. for so many years, she's without the better half .. but living her life pretty well. Newly attached to this guy, MQ... slowly getting used to a new role of a gf .. it's not gonna be easy .. hope she's gonna make it there..))
I saw this @ KC’s Blog for me…

Me “lost on her directions .. in many areas”, I guess it would seems so…
Last yr this period, I’m still @ MBB deciding whether to continue my contract with them.
Where should I go? What I want? How am I going to do it? Am I strong enough?
A year later, I’m still as unhappy & lost with my job…
I guess 2006 is really not my year…

I’m never a religious person, God is the last person I seek when I or any other living human is unable to help me. I sometimes wonder whether he heard my prayers??? But in desperation, I always resort to have a little faith in him & pray hard, whatever will pass…
(BTW, my mum baptizes last X’mas. Surprise! Surprise! She has a more active social life than me with her church and classes.))

But then God has already make arrangement for everyone…
To quote from QY: “The world is round, what comes around goes around & everything happens for a reason.”

While I always believe in Retribution, I’m never one to sit & wait for things to happen. It’s just not me!

X’mas is coming!! = 2006 is coming to an end.
((Hopefully all my suai-ness will end as well ~ ~

This goes out to the following who contributed to my 2006 ~
Ms Li: the fickle-mind woman! Can’t decide simple things in life, E.g. what to eat, where to go, etc. Keeps changing her mind, Piss me off sometimes! Luckily for her to have such a decisive ‘me’ as her friend!! Currently a very much in-luv woman, never seen her like this before. VERY happy for her. Hope DHL treats her well.

Bro: my sec sch class-mates, now is my ‘bro’, have our bro-sis outing frequently, my msn kaki during office hours. Getting use to my super lame-ness! No matter how difficult, try harder brother, it will pass! I wish u have your own happiness back asap. I owe him a big “Thank U” too. =]

QY: one of two of my si char bo. She who always go on auctions, revamp & revamping her wardrobe. Trying to fish victims to be like her. Sigh~ I have said what I wan to say already but “QY take it easy, live the life u want, heck what the rest see u, so long as u feel good about it”

KC: one of two of my si char bo. My reliable & capable fren. Run to her whenever I need help. FINALLY shed some weight & had a promotion. Got an islander card for me so I can save $ to go in & meet her & QY. Thanks.

SC: drop a bomb & declare himself attach without warning. STUN!! Proved that he has no special interest…**Grinz** Well done bei-bei!

SL: u r right! U r not my close fren for the past 2 yrs. But u have not stop being my close fren. U r still welcome to call me even if whenever u call its nothing good…hahah... I know words are easier than action. But I strongly believe u can do it!! JIA YOU!!!

Pauline, Hil, Vince: its finally over!! Less chance to meet… gd luck to u pple.
((waiting for transcript, I hope I will clear & graduate with all of u))

and of course

Sergeant Siao Eh: o_O thanks to him, I’m living a pretty ‘xing fu’ life. While I’m an extremely lame girl, he is a serious & rather stern person. But then I’m trying to influence him to tone down a bit, esp his MCP-ness. Oops!
My family has accepted him. My mum SUPER likes him. I’m a bit jealous of the attention my mum is giving him. x_x”

To conclude although my career is not taking off, but I’m still surrounded by pple who I luv & luv me.
PS: spent my whole morning writing this IN OFFICE! C how eng I am…
November 13, 2006

I'm writing in my office. Its like a mad house now.
System is down, man power is low, is peak season...
I always tot that customer service is an easy job, like everyone with a decent langguage skill will be able to cope...
I'm sooo Wrong!!!

I hereby salute each and every Customer Service Personnel.
Its nothing easy! In fact, its depressing.

I always said "If u cant afford to pay on time, don buy a car. If not bloody hell pay on time, its our right to charge u interest. If we charge u, make sure u pay. Don give excuses" Coz of the few cents, customer can make a big hoo-ha. But dont they realize that the phones charges might have already cover wateva charges tat they incurred!!!

Im in this line for around 2half yrs, im being threaten, insulted, bullied, scream, vulgarities etc.. in different langguages and dialects. U name it, i could have heard it. Its really degrading!!
Sometimes i know customer is generally right, but then bankin & finance is a rigid system, much as i like to help them. I'm bond by my company policy & market practise.
Sigh... the world is full of ugly people...
November 07, 2006

life has not been easy for me this year. (ya who has!!) but then i really don care about others when i cant even handle myself.. it started last nov when i encounter this SUPER irritating hirer who has harress me for 2 solid weeks.. and push me to think of my career path.. and in addition i fallen out with this person whom i tot might meant somethng to me but then i'm too late to realize...(like simon says miss a chance and it will never b yours).. when i decided to leave MBB, i know how difficult it will be for me to start a fresh, i might have over estimate myself after all.. at least i'm prepared and Remember friends, i m a strong ger. Though i'm as lost as 4 mths ago, but i pray to god that he will remember me (thou sometimes i doubt he hears me). But its ok, if i cant work thru it, i can always work around it, im flexible =}. its takes more than this to break me despite my mal-nutrition look...haha..

i have got to mention kevin here. Y? bcoz like he say if he has not look us up, we would have jus let this friendship go... and thank him for that, i have another brother (though he is really a bit luo suo). Ask me 3 yrs ago, i would have doubted that he is the one that will enlighten me now when i need enlighten-ing...thanks bro...

Pauline is another fren that i hav bcom close with, she is this dependable young lady that knows what she wants, sometimes she will say we have similar characteristics but then if im lucky in my career as her, i b contend...haha...

I have also gradually become the observer than the participant. Sometimes its tiring to maintain a friendship with someone. in recent years, i have let go some friends. you probably will say "real friends will never give up on each other" and i can tell u its utter bullshit. friendship is jus like relationship, it takes 2 hands to clap. honestly, its really depressin whenever i ask to meet for dinner, u will never be free and never took the initiatives to make another appointment, worst is when u do not even reply my msg...
am i grumblin?? mayb.

like kev say, he tinks im drained of energy and i tink he is right.
i know u guys are concern abt my luv life, or rather lack of it.. it really has nothing to do with my previous relatin (mayb a little) but its really a matter of my choice... u guys know me... u all should know my weird sense of logic and how difficult it is 4 me to fall for someone..really don bother to match-make me...who ever pple i met is no-strings attach...so thanks for all your concern...
its 5.10am when i finish this.
August 11, 2006

sweet ^o^ 4:22 PM