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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Monday, December 29, 2008Y

An email i received... something to share
These photographs, taken in Ukraine, shows a bird tries desperately to save his wife. The photographer sold these picture for a nominal price to the most famous newspaper in france. All the copies were sold out on the day of publishing these pictures...
Here his wife is injured and the condition is very gappallin
He brings her food and attends to her with love and compassion

Here, he brings her food but is shocked with her death and tries to move her

He finds out that she is dead and will not come back ti him - - he cries

He stands beside her and screams, saddened of her death.
Suddenly, he becomes aware that she would not return to him and departed, stands beside her body in deep sorrow

sweet ^o^ 5:47 PM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008Y


sweet ^o^ 10:18 AM

Tuesday, December 23, 2008Y

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!! Proudly annouce i'm a quarter of a Century old!!


A little pressie for me from ME!

sweet ^o^ 9:11 AM

Thursday, December 18, 2008Y

I would marked the below post as one of the most 'memorable' period of moi time. Perhaps more so than my wedding.

I very much liked to share with my dear friends out there how traumatic it had been for me.

I am pregnant and in my 9th week. Mathematically, obviously its not made in Korea(honeymoon).
For the record, I conceived in October. (Proud to say, My marriage is not a shotgun!)

Early november, I had been feeling sickly. I naturally assumed its my sinus acting just like what I had occasionally.
The coughing and vomitting and lethargic. Little did I suspected that I could be pregnant.
When I missed my menses 2 weeks later, I knew…
When I was few days late, but I tot maybe the medicine I took for my sinus causes the delay.
I brought myself a test kit and "Ka Bomb", it’s the scariest parellel line I have ever since in my almost 25 short years.
I told myself, "alright! Its says 99% accuracy, there is 1% error."

I told MQ to accompany me to the doctor on the pretext for my sinus.
I drop the blast when I entered the consultation room and my hubby tot I was kidding!! ~,~"
I had a ultrascan, this was how it looks like in its 5th weeks… very blur when scan into pc…
A tiny spot!

To cut the story short, I never wanted a kid now. I make him promised that we will have one 5 years later.
That was the plan. I was determined to abort it. I call KK for appointment.
I couldn't lived with what I was going to do, I cried every moment. I was such a let-down to both families and hubby.
I buried myself deeper. Ignoring and refusing to see the pain that my hubby suffered silently and the worries he had for me.
Relying selfishly on his strength to get me thru my waking hours.
My colleague who I confided to, eventually encouraged me to keep the baby.
One week later, I told mq 'If our friends can have kids with their earnings and condition, We can do it with ours!" That was the 1st smile I seen on him since our doctor visit.
I canceled the appointment with KK.

What I wanted to share is that I married a really wonderful guy. ( nope, not trying to haolian...i suffered before i met MQ, remember?!!)
My hubby may not be wealthy or super good-looking.
But he certainly ensure my happiness is his 1st priority.

Dear friends, its easy to find one being nice to you, difficult for one to sync with you.
Its rare for one to offer his whole to you.

I found mine.

I hope you find yours too..

sweet ^o^ 5:41 PM

It had been an eventful month for me. Lotsa tots to blog.

Lets start from the latest..

My 1st BD pressie this year is from my hubby. DS Lite, Metallic Rose. (Smilez)
Gerry said she is attached, so happy for her! (clap clap)

Granny had returned to The Lord on 7 December 2008, 1438Hr.
We had her cremated on 18 December 2008, 1100hr.
She was hospitalized previously, MQ & I visited her. She looked so frail and willowy, her system no longer function. It’s a matter of time.
Granny had frequent stays in SGH. There are times we tot we are going to lose her.
She took a short trip to JB with my mum, Ah Yi, Ah Gu and their fellow church mates. Its her wish to go out gai gai~
She passed on the following day when she returned, peacefully.
Everyone were very sad, she had been paralysed for around 20 years. She couldn't speak or move and highly dependent on Ah Yi and Ah Gu.
The only thing she does when she had visitors was to give you a Thumb up to ack you and thank you for visiting her.
It’s a tradition to hug her when we arrived and about to leave.
Not forgetting the mahjong sessions too…
Thank god, she attended my wedding.
Ah Yi and Ah Gu had spend all their time looking after her, tending to all her needs the past 22 years.
I salute them because it’s a physically and emotionally tedious job.

I also happen to say Ah Lei Daddy after 15yrs since Ah Tin Mummy was defeated by cancer when i was 8.

MQ and I took a short trip to KL on 5 Dec and did some shopping. (Shopping done by me, of course)
To summarise, I bought
4 tops
I box of 1000pc puzzle and a box of very unique 3D magnet clown puzzle
2 pairs of shoes (wanted 2 more but no size)
Couple of ling ling long longs... (Happy)
And then I bought hubby a shirt cos he very poor thing, no chance to buy. (Grinz)

sweet ^o^ 11:38 AM