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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Monday, July 30, 2007Y

Its Monday. The cycle has start again.

I have actually went to perm my hair again.

I think its better than my previous perm,

And I feel more myself with perm hair then straight hair.

My hair stylist actually recommend me to straighten it.

But I was like “Ewww… “

So I still perm it… geez…

My colles actually ask me whether im getting married, if not why the sudden change.

Some even went far to not recognize me..

I almost thought I did plastic surgery instead of perming my hair nia..


MQ only major remake was the fact that I spend $180 on it thou.


MQ actually tell me that he feels that he is neglecting his family,

He has not been spending quality time with them.

Like shopping and whatever he used to do with his family.

Well…although I cant help but agree with him..

(im a reasonable girl but still a girl nonetheless…)

but they are still not my family thou.

(im not selfish but not selfless)..

mayb this is also one of the reason why Im still not ready to get ROM now.

I will feel much neglected if he put his family before me,

Even if he has his ground.

Like I always say, me can be reasonable and understanding,

But both do not make me feel better..

It’s a battle between being morally correct or jus what I want…

Wat say u???

sweet ^o^ 3:40 PM

Friday, July 27, 2007Y

hmmm... i change to this skin bcoz i like the fallin stars and cursor.
anyway, went to a interview during my lunch.
all thanks to Gerry.
Her boss is a cool and pretty nice man.
Lucky her.
Its a marketing post.
Seems challenging and im excited about it.
But he wants someone to start asap.
well, he actually advice me to plan ahead
(rgds to my 2mths notice)
if i wan to change my career path...

sweet ^o^ 1:17 PM

Thursday, July 26, 2007Y

Bored, Boring~

Anyway what I want to blog now is my growing faith in God.
(not that English one but jus God in General..)
I may have sometimes complain abt him forgetting abt my cries,
But nonetheless I guess it jus happen for a reason.
Of course, some people may not deserve their life,
But mayb, jus mayb..
they have did one thing in their life that justify their good life in the future.

Well, I strongly believe in KarMa thou.
I hope all will turn well for those who deserve it.

sweet ^o^ 10:38 AM

Monday, July 23, 2007Y

My Monday bluez will be over in another 30min. woohoo~
I stayed in office until around 7 on sat.
Totally burn it. MQ picked me up for dinner.
Went Marina sq eat Dian Xiao Er.
The prawns cost almost $20!!! Faint…
(Might as well eat Zi Cha better..) =<>actually MQ paid for it =p
Bought my Hair Dryer at IMM.
Its those with ionic and cold air one u know..
Woohoo~ sounds so pro… but I have not tried it thou.
At least my pillow will not stink from my undried hair…
(and MQ can stop naggin @ me to dry my hair b4 I sleep)

Got shouted at my Eldest sis. Bloody piss.
Told my mum off to better reprimand her.
A woman with 2 kids and still acting so childishly is a shame.
And its definitely not the 1st time she is acting this way.
Told myself she better apologize to me 1st, if not she can go chi da bian!!!
Sister be damn!!!

My last wisdom tooth is acting again.
Bit awful, practically feels that my breath stinks.
Tink the tooth is decaying.
Sunday this week for consultation and see how it goes.
Extract or surgery??

Oh!! MQ is outfield for this week. (blink! Evil tots)

sweet ^o^ 5:54 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007Y

I have collected my transcript last evening.
I scored 10Cs in 21 subjects, 1A, 1B, failed 3 and the rest are Ds.
Well… I’m not proud of my results,
but then since I honestly did not put my utmost effort to study hard.
There is really none I can complain about.
Beside the fact that I’m so ashamed that I actually failed my Retail and Service Marketing…
Well… It’s a done-deal affair already.
I have got what I want. Thou it’s not an excellent results…
But I really don care that much…
I MADE IT!!! (CLAP clap)

MQ is in camp for the week, I have not seen him since tues morn.
He will be out tml, but I have to work… so sad…
But then I’m enjoying my own solitude also…
Its not too bad afterall…Oops…
(not I don miss him la!!)

sweet ^o^ 5:52 PM

Saturday, July 14, 2007Y

It’s sat and I am working for the stupid F1 system.
I finish my work by 10am, and I m waiting for the rest to synchronized their work for the system to run.
Dunno how long it will drag, so sad, her goes my Saturday…

Met KC for dinner at Vivo last night, she treat me eat Jap food and I bought her Hagen Dazz. So fulfilling. Hahahaaa

sweet ^o^ 11:52 AM

Thursday, July 12, 2007Y

I woke up at 4.30AM this morning.
Got to wake MQ up, so he can catch breakfast with his fellow colle.
He left by 5am.
His phone rang when I collapse back to bed.
Rush to the kitchen and shouted at him.
But then, he happily drove off and I was like,
I should have thrown something at his car to catch his attention.

So I msg his colle to let him know he left the house without his phone.
To come back and collect.
So by the time that kuku came back it’s already 6am!!!!

Of course he only gave me the cheeky smile and sorry look.
Shit man. I’m like super sleepy now lor!!!

sweet ^o^ 1:09 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007Y

I'm so sleepy right now.
I forgot to on my alarm clock last night.
Suppose to wake MQ @ 5am, but I slept like a log.
In the end, my bro wake him @ 5.30am.

Saw PS yesterday after work at Raffles MRT.
So happy to see her.
But dunno y she had a very guilty look when she see me.
Say I can go liao!!!

(Stoning @ office)

sweet ^o^ 11:11 AM

Monday, July 9, 2007Y

Went WW’s church wedding on sat morning.
Got MQ to accompany me.
Saw many ex-colleagues.
I use to miss them very much, swarm by the feeling of familiarity.
But when I saw them on sat, I know the feeling has changed.
Thou they are the same, but I’m no longer one of them anymore.
Its jus ‘un-describe-able’…
Saw my bosses, sob sob~
They are angels compared to my current bitch DM.

So happy for WW, her hubby seems to be a cute guy.
My ex-colles were tearing from the atmosphere…

Went night safari in the evening with KC & QY.
Had Pizza hut before we head down to safari. Yum yum~
Well, since it is my 1st visit to night safari,
I would say it’s a refreshing experience.
The tram bring us around to see the animals,
The elephants and lion are really majestic in close range.
We got down to walk the trails aft 10pm.
Oh my God, It Is So Dark….
I was so worried that some ‘cartoons’ will jump out of nowhere….

sweet ^o^ 1:39 PM

Friday, July 6, 2007Y

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Well.... MQ is not complainin ma...

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The witch is away for the next 3 working dayz!!
Trying to decipher her witchy handwriting
so that I can edit my report.

sweet ^o^ 9:21 AM

Thursday, July 5, 2007Y

Went to attend to this customer at our branch.
Hated him on sight.
As if I care that he knows my GM & MD.
He really thinks that i will drop down on my knee and beg him?!!
He thinks i give a damn?!!!
I hope i shall not see him anymore during my stay in this company.

sweet ^o^ 1:11 PM

Wednesday, July 4, 2007Y

I jus wan to say that having someone to go home to after a hard day at work
is really comforting.
Coz u know that, by the end of the day,
he will be there (literally) to make everything fine.
Not that he has any magical power.
Finally a support and not having to shoulder everything.

sweet ^o^ 10:06 AM

Tuesday, July 3, 2007Y

Watch transformer on sat night.
Woohoo~ cool sia~
It was so much better than I expected.
2 thump up!!

sweet ^o^ 5:07 PM