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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Friday, June 29, 2007Y

Was Sik last day yesterday, bit sad.
She is one of the pple tat i can click with here.
(probably coz we came from MBB, hee)
Haiz... When will it be my turn to throw letter?

Actually my seniors are quite nice pple, motherly.
Jus tat sometimes its sux here.
Problem with working with inflexible pple is that,
there is ONLY one solution to anything.
Only their way is right, those who don agree can hit the road.

Well anyhow... back to work...

sweet ^o^ 10:48 AM

Thursday, June 28, 2007Y

Bit Depress!
Pauline jus msn me.
She got 2nd upper class and Hilda got 2nd lower class.
Intially I was darn happy that I finally got my degree,
even if its only a ordinary one.
As i flunk 2 subjects in my last yrs exams,
I will have to wait for review in Aug to c whether I can get
my hons.
Well, honestly, I believe chances are very very teeny,
but then I am still contented.
But now....
Thats why I hate comparing results after exams.
Now I feel so lousy

sweet ^o^ 5:48 PM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007Y

Woohoo~ 2 more working days to my well-deserved long break!
Woke up this morning and I tot its wed/thurs already!!

My last wisdom tooth has grown half-way out, my gum is a bit sore.
Haiz, shall consult dentist when I get my pay end of this month. Boo~

Wasted my last sat in office coz of F1.
It’s the 1st time tat MQ see me out to work earlier tat morning,
usually I will wake him up and happily lock the door for him and continue with my beauty sleep.
So u can imagine how cheeky he was when I have to work on a sat morning.
Later that evening we went to a Selegie for dinner.
I got to say Hokkaido @ peace centre is REALLY good.
Went there twice, so impress with their service, well… of course the food is delicious too.
Anyhow, the meat is serve in boat platter and I had fish in my 2 visits.
The spicy soup is fabulous; I think weewee will like it.

Oh ya. MQ was telling me yesterday, he gain like 15kg since he know me.
From 50kg to 65kg!!
So I said he is a P.I.G!!
But then my mum contributed to it, not me.
My mum said if he did not gain weight from her cooking then something is VERY very wrong.

Up until now, I can say im still pretty happy/ xing fu with my relation with MQ.
Compare to ms li, who had trouble last week, I think my relation has been more peaceful.
Of course it’s not always sunshine every time, what with the housing problem,
but then our status has been pretty good as of now.

sweet ^o^ 10:36 AM

Thursday, June 7, 2007Y

I have been doing nothing for the entire morning.
So boring!! My goodness!! AAarrrgggg!!
Feel like filing my nails… wahhhaahaa…

My langkawi trip has change to 2 nights stay in Cameron and a night in Genting,
and my poor ass will have to suffer approximate 9hrs pumping down the road…
Its obviously far from Langkawi but better than staying in S’pore.
All thanks to Sam who got me a good deal for this trip if not I will wither and die.

Finally tried my pepper lunch at IMM with quan (promise to bring me to eat since XXXyrs ago)…
Well, actually I have a list of things that I wan to eat but then…. Haiz… Im so lazy….
Then went grocery shopping at Giant, we bought a total of $50++ worth of snacks and drinks.
I discovered this brand ‘Dutch XXX’ whose honey dew milk is fabulous!! Yummy…

Pester KC to look out for any opening in her company, really can’t tolerate here anymore.

A finance company with a F@#% up finance dept, how wonderful~
Had 2 colleagues tender last week, when can I throw???

sweet ^o^ 12:58 PM

Friday, June 1, 2007Y

Thank god its Friday. Yeah.
Cleared my time-off on wed and went for a hair cut. Haiz..
I tink mayb I should straighten or perm it again,
so that I can save the hassle of chopping it every 3mths
and not let it grow into a mop of nothing. Hahaaa

Met joey last fri for dinner,
nice to hav someone giving me a different perspective than the usual lullaby.
I need a breather, its bottling inside me,
I tink I have been faking smiles long enuff, my face is goin to crack.
Sometimes I can feel tat I have reach my tolerance level, and its goin to explode soon,
but I have to swallow it back.
Hmm… mayb tats y I have dandruffs and zits recently…

I tink I have not been doin something for myself for a long long time, like shoppin, clubbin…
Come to tink of it, its been eons since I dress up to shop for a day or something.
If u spot me recently, its always shorts, slippers, tee and specs.
Coz mq always dress like tat so I follow suit,+ im used to him chauffeuring. hhaaahaa,
anyway im jus lazy to dress up lah

But MQ is always in a state of ‘tiredness’, sleeps thru movies and blah blah blah…
**do I sound like im complainin…
So we coop in the house and watch TV…outing is rare for us…how unlike me thou…
Sometimes I feel like im invading into his family,
like I kidnapped someone son + nephew + brother + grandson.
Its not like I c him everyday or every other day. ONLY sat and sun!!!
Don tell me its like tat, ‘bo bian’ situation~
Of course I know. But its does not make me feel better.

I need to get a life.
Starting from my job!!!

Relate an interview that I went last week to a stat board,
which I personally feel the whole incident is damn kuku.
Notify to go for interview on mon (happen to be on leave too) @ JTC summit.
Waited 20min to be interviewed.
4 ladies were seated in a room. None of them introduced themselves when I entered the room!
And they started firing me qns.
After i answered the 1st few qns,
typically describe my job experiences and y I applied for this post.
They then told me they are NOT interviewin me for the post I applied
and the post they r considering me for is a yr contract only!!
AND they have the cheek to ask me how come I dunno it’s a yr contract!!
1ST – The hr called me to interview for the post I applied for!
2nd – The article DID NOT state it’s a contract post
PLUS its NOT common knowledge that stat board offers contract post for new-entry.
I reject them there and then…
Then this morning,
I rec an e-mail from them to say I was not selected for the position I applied for!
In the 1st place I was not interviewed for this post!!!
How cork up can a stat board be!!
I am VERY disgusted with their arrangement and their attitude.
You would have if its u!!

But anyhow I Pray very, VERY, V.E.R.Y hard tat I can switch job asap.

sweet ^o^ 5:59 PM