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Welcome to my dumping-ground
Friday, October 26, 2007Y

Had a bizarre msn with V, I shall not paste the conversation here since it’s slightly R-rated.
Anyway the gist of it started with his msn nick (What is sex without love??? Its still sex!!)
So, being the usual kapo self, I ask him wat happen to his sex life.
He replied because he is in aussie n gf in spore so he has NO sex life.
Jokingly I told him to anyhow find one, switch off the light, and be done with it.
After more lame stuffs, I realize my dear friend is SERIOUSLY deprived and he is SERIOUSLY considering an ONS.

Woohoo~ wat happen to the down-to-earth guy that I knew???
Anyway the conversation ended with no conclusion and…

He seems to be still considering about his affair …
Hmmm… man!!!

sweet ^o^ 5:32 PM

My company has jus hit its dirt lowest of the lowest form today.
D & D will be held next sat at a prestigious club in Sentosa.
I receive my invitation card/pass today.
So I have some notion of attending it since it will be a last chance to have dinner with these colleagues.

But then!!! My company has to turn me completely off by withdrawing my rights to the lucky draw!
(Lucky draw is an attraction to D & D, my colle actually won the 1st prize last year, LCD 12-inch TV. Every card has an unique number that entitles everyone to the lucky draw)
A while back, my leader told me that boss called her to instruct me to detach the number from my card and return to D & D committee. (Of course, I am still welcome to the D & D…)
What the fuck!!!

This is a calculative, shameful and disgrace company.

I am not very keen towards the dinner nor the prizes. But do they have to ugly-fy this situation???
I mean significance of D & D is to reward staffs for their contribution to the company for the year, right???
So am I not being appreciated for my efforts made to the company??? Or maybe they are trying to tell me that “You are no longer of any use to the company.”

This only leaves a bad impression for the staffs that had once worked for them, don’t they know???
Is this a very good corporate image???
Don’t they have any sense or generosity??
I am piss off not because I will not win any prizes but the fact that they are so calculative.
They might as well spell out to everyone that they are a sucker company.


sweet ^o^ 12:46 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2007Y

Been real busy for the past days…
Happily busy-ing, reminds me of my days in MBB… busy but happy.
Witch was on leave and returns today…
Just simply feels like piak-ing her, she makes all our life a living hell.
The tension is so great, waiting for the break down of someone.
But I guess the rest of the staffs have sucked it in and restraint from doing body harm to the witch.
Haiz… Is it true female boss are hard to please??
But then I have real angel female bosses in MBB…
I pray I Have Saint bosses in my new company.

sweet ^o^ 5:15 PM

Wednesday, October 24, 2007Y

Edited MSN conversation with Jasmine the December bride-to-be.

敏 >.<" says:
y so sudden? i tot u say want wait a while more?

敏 >.<" says:
your bf scared u run away arh

Jasmine says:
we wanna settle down early
er ren shi jie first before 30 then have kid
Jasmine says:
so about time lor..
敏 >.<" says:
so how he propose??!!!!!!

Jasmine says:
he not typical la
Jasmine says:
singaporean usually pop question with HDB flat application
he just ask a simple question "can i give u a legal status"
then i replied "huh?"
then he said legal status to let people address me "mrs Lim" (his surname is lim la)
then i asked y the rush.. he said not rush.. just wanna settle down
敏 >.<" says:
then u said ok arh???

Jasmine says:
then i ask him what plans he has go do a "proposal" i go through first then decide
he bring me go choose ring then knowing the size liao he brought a proposal ring also
then he bought bridal magazine
then i asked him for th proposal plans.. he showed me his savings
then he said he notgood with words
but is not going to ask me apply flat now
he said he want to spend his life with me not servingthe HDB flat installment
anyway flats are SO ex now
敏 >.<" says:
xing fu mah???
Jasmine says:
sweet sweet lor
Jasmine says:
he want ROM then banquet.. i want ROM don't want banquet
i thought getting married 2 person business y involve whole world
but he only son at home + he is eldest grandson....
Jasmine says:
best part is his old old Ah Gong still around so the banquet cannot go away with it
敏 >.<" says:
so happy for u!!!
敏 >.<" says:
(clap clap))
敏 >.<" says:
ni yao xing fu orh!!!!
Jasmine says:
we argue about that, bridal pacckages and even venue heng we didn't go buy fla if not worst.. venue, unit, renovation
敏 >.<" says:
so how big is the hole in your pocket?

Jasmine says:
share cost lor..
Jasmine says:
he paid the banquet deposit - since he is the one who wants about 7 k
Jasmine says:
then i paid for the bridal package he paid for the photos top up
敏 >.<" says:
so i say wedding is ma fan... go thru all the trouble jus to make others happy...
敏 >.<" says:
end up tiring the couple
Jasmine says:
luckily his mum is modern mummy not fussy kind
敏 >.<" says:
but wat makes u really want to get married now? and y him?

Jasmine says:
he is the only guy so far i met who can tolerate my temper then he is the type who will correct me when i m wrong not those who will always give in without thinking just to please me
Jasmine says:
though selling car is not consider a stble job but he work really hard to make sure income stable
敏 >.<" says:
but y now?

Jasmine says:
my studies not yet finshed
Jasmine says:
so if married now will enjoy er ren si jie not gn cheong to make baby type
敏 >.<" says:
but then ho
敏 >.<" says:
still can enjoy er ren shi jie without getting married also lei...
Jasmine says:
er ren si jie with parents constantly watching over us
Jasmine says:

sweet ^o^ 5:49 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007Y

C . O . N . F . U . S . E . D ~

Santa is always around but ...

sweet ^o^ 10:59 AM

Friday, October 19, 2007Y

Took MC yesterday, went to see doctor after work on wed.
Called daddy to pick me up at juro east mrt and drive me to pandan garden see doctor.
Its not open. Went clementi, its not open. On the verge of crying n urge to vomit on the road.
Went to a nearby clinic to see, doctor was a real young punk.
Diagnose a slight fever and probably infection in the stomach.
$40 for consultation n medicine.

MQ manage to come home in the middle of the night, I was damn drowsy by the time he came back.

Below are inconsequential pix that i took jus for my self-entertainment

This antique phone is bought by my brilliant mum. Cos our Cordless phone died on us, so she bought this simple n functional phone. ITs those that u need to use your little fingers to turn the button around so that it will have a "ting" sound. My bro always curse it when using this phone, it really tries on our patient. But my nieces find it amazing thou...

Bought these at of course adidas boutique, white for me, black for MQ.
Simply Cool right!!!

Alright. This is not a huantu but MQ with a tissue mask on his sun burnt face after his parade. Don dare to load it onto friendster so here it is... =p

Saw this at cold storage while out shopping with Joey, its a pot-alike small bunch of flower. Tink the bear jus add some cute-ness to the whole image.

This is my desk in SIF. Clean, tidy and impersonal...
But then im leaving on 9th November 07. woohoo!!!

sweet ^o^ 10:25 AM

Wednesday, October 17, 2007Y

I’m feeling slightly feverish; I wish I am on my bed instead in the office.
I feel my head weighs like 10kg instead of the usual 5kg norm.
My colleague said I look green in the face.
I wish quan don need to go navigation tonight so he can come home and I can seek some comfort.
I hate to be left alone in times like this because it only makes me very depress.
I hate to be dependent on someone because I am a controlling freak.
Well, now I sound confused.

sweet ^o^ 4:00 PM

Monday, October 15, 2007Y

Alright, my weekend update again.

Met up with Bao bao and Geraldine on fri night after work at Coffee Club.
That bao bao as usual is late (read; very late), met her 7pm, she show up at almost 9pm. !@#$%^&&*
Can see bao bao is doing very well in her current job, well, after all these years, she should deserve better.
I can sense changes in her, hard to describe, but I hope its for the better.
Except that she is attracting china Chinese regardless of male or female.
Maybe next time I see her, she will have a china bf or gf. Wish her luck!

We move on to balcony @ Heeren for a drink. Its my first visit.
I order the watermelon martini, woo… yummy-licious!!
Baobao ordered the chocolate something, its awful, its thick and bitter, certainly not worth it.
After that, we call off the night at 11 because Geraldine met her colleagues at MOS and baobao met her friends for party-ing too.
How unlike me to go home early on Friday night, I miss my “Night is still young” activities.
Haiz… Deprive….

As usual, MQ pick me up at orchard, proceed to Holland V to buy sake for his bro n 2nd uncle.
Saw his Ex-gf sista, I knew his X is a indo-Chinese, but I never expect them to be that tan.
No wonder, he always complained I’m too fair!

Bought a 1.8l of sake containing 15% concentration, and it’s the 2nd bottle of the night for his bro n uncle.
Uncle called up to ask abt our whereabouts, I answered the phone, apparently He Is Drank!!!
Well… nothing I cant handle. Off to his bro’s new home.

Quan n me reached at 12 midnight, to sum the 1 plus hr in the house. I almost got blown away by his uncle directness n absurdity. Feel slightly pressurized to get married AGAIN.
alamak! What is wrong with people, is there really a need to hurry??!!!!
Could not sleep soundly that night, cos the sake makes me feel very warm, and Mr Loh is like a big transmitting heater which only makes its worst. Not that he has any trouble sleeping…

Following sat, uncle (yes, the same uncle who almost make me want to run out of his bro’s house the previous night) brought us to changi road to install car radio and fix up some ‘speakers’ n a 12inch ‘woofer’ to add ‘woof’ and increase the ‘bass’ of the music. Since its FOC courtesy from his uncle, I jus want to say “Is it necessary to install so many gadgets into a car when u like spend probably less than 2 hours in it everyday, esp when its cost like $700 plus??? All the weights will also consume more fuel, right???”

I met up with tian at jurong point when mq had dinner with his course mates on sat evening.
Some shopping at Jurong point and swensen for dinner, life is good! Hahahaaa
After that mq brought us to chevron. Chevron seems like a treasure we discovered in Jurong.
There are bowling, KTV, Bistro, pool table, swimming pool and blab la bal…all in one building Best part is the drinks are freaking CHEAP!!!
A mug of beer for chevron members are $2, non-members $4.
This is cheap.
Highlight IS kahlua and baileys at $5.30.
This is bloody cheap. We get like $7 or $8 outside.
Bottle of Henessy $160+.
Woohoo!!! Happy happy, VERY HAPPY very very happy.
We can get stinking drunk if we like and walk home if we want.
Its like max 30min for my walking speed to reach home, 5min drive away, cab fare will also cost less than $5!!.
Damn Cool!!! Very very cool.
Shiok arh!!!! That will be our frequent place from now on.

Went ikea to look around with his family, that MQ is so excited abt it, keep telling me
“idea lei, we shall get this for our future house”
“Look, I like red color kitchen” (I be damn if I let my kitchen be red)
and on it goes…
At one point my arm was tired carrying his sister’s baby boy.
I pass it to MQ and tat pig ‘complains’ (loudly) to the baby “your mum very lousy, carry awhile than tired liao”
Me: (stun. look around, walk away)
An older couple looks at me and smile.
Me: (stare daggers at the culprit)
That Pig: (grinz)
!@#$%^&*!@#$%^&* MAN is the most irritating animal on earth.

Reach office at 8.20am today, cos MQ drop me off at juro east mrt.
Haven been on time or early since like... so long so long ago...

sweet ^o^ 11:12 AM

Tuesday, October 9, 2007Y

Alright. To sum up the past few days, im really lost of words.

I guess the significance of death of someone u know is
- u don get to see them anymore
- u don get to address them (in case case, I will never have any chance to call her Ah Mah)
- u will miss the things they do ( ah mah’s curry vege)
and so on.

Ah Gong left us in Feb and 7 mths later, ah mah follows.
Is this the way when your partner leave u, u will not have the drive to go on anymore?
I guess the impact is beyond pple like us who never experience anything like this to understand.

Something hit me during the ‘grand finale’ yesterday, looking at my little cousins, what do they know abt their grandparents? They are playing with each other while the adults are crying violently.
I bet they have never been carried by them before.

I remembered when ah mah live in west coast, she use to has this FAT Pomeranian, u cant see its legs cos its tummy has drool the floor. It use to chase me around the living room when I visit.

Reminisce abt the past, I wonder the main reason that drives us away is it only that?
If everyone had been sincerely nice and caring, we may be one big family after all, would we?

Well, I really hope all ends with the demise of ah mah and ah gong.
Rest their souls and may god bring them to a better place, free of worries and trouble, where they can live happily.
Much as I regret, I realize I luv them for being my grandparents and giving me my father.

sweet ^o^ 9:58 AM

Thursday, October 4, 2007Y

Dear Sir / Mdm,

This is to acknowledge that your email application has been received.

Applications for the month of DEC will be balloted on first Wednesday of NOV (07/11).

Results will be released 3 working days (13/11) after balloting via email.

Thank you.
Alright, above is the email reply for the chalet (http://www.hometeamns.sg/index.cfm?GPID=46) I book for my birthday 22/12(sat) to 23/12.

Actually, I ‘decided’ not to apply, but than late afternoon yesterday, Tian kept pushing me to do it. Well, she seems more excited than me.

sweet ^o^ 9:07 AM

Wednesday, October 3, 2007Y

Oh I realize KC n I have been actively blogging except Ms Oon.
She who brought us in is now lagging in this area.
Met KC for an impromptu dinner at harbour front ramenten after work yesterday.

Anyway I decide not to book chalet for my bd again… hahhaaaa
Anyway its $$$ concern, plus those tat I look into is already booked, those not is very expensive.

Anyway mum approach me to talk or rather instruct, about the issue revolving around mq staying with us.
What she said, I shall not reveal here (cos it only makes me freaking mad).
So I told MQ the edited version last night on our way home.
Say he is bothered/unhappy is an understatement, anyway I wish Santa will make my life easier.

sweet ^o^ 10:03 AM

Tuesday, October 2, 2007Y

Woohoo! Its 2nd of October! Counting down to 9 Nov to end of my current torture.

An update on my weekend.

Went weewee place to ‘prepare’ tian’s pressie late Friday night.
I should have take a picture b4 giving it to tian. Hmm…
Been a long time since I saw her family members, her parents are still as !@#$%^&.
Her bro balloon to a really fat guy and her sis is in secondary sch now!!!
The last I saw her she was still a kid gawky kiddo.
But now she looks like wee when she was her age.

Anyway fri night had a crash with MQ, left me spitting mad.
Left me roaming around juro west trying to find an ATM to pay for my cab fare in the middle of the night.

Treat Tian to Hokkaido on sat for her bd, left me $100 poorer, proceed to busk for drinks.
This sum up her boring birthday. Hahahaa..

Was on leave with tian yesterday, we went shopping at vivo.
I bought 2 shorts and that woman bought 3 tops. Wahahahaaa
Darn shiok to be on leave.

I have ‘plan’ AGAIN to celebrate my birthday. So… shall see how again…

sweet ^o^ 11:17 AM